Future of Robotics in India & Beyond

November 27th & 28th 2020

Pair Labs India and New Zealand is Organising a two days event on Future of Robotics in India and Beyond !

Future of Robotics in India and Beyond

This unique online event, organised by the PAIR Lab in India and New Zealand, brings together senior politicians, health professionals, and researchers from around the world to discuss the role of robotics to address new challenges. Our inaugural event has a special focus on India, as the second most populous country in the world and an emerging leader in science and technology. Members of the Indian Parliament will present their thoughts on the future of robotics in India and how the Government is supportive of further global investment.

Participate in discussions to generate new synergies and collaborations between international researchers and relevant stakeholders!The COVID-19 pandemic has confirmed in our awareness the fact that our world is now changing more rapidly than ever. With the additional attention that science and technology have been receiving, researchers have an increasingly prominent role to play in the dissemination of findings, especially as they map out future trends and directions. Recent events have also heavily influenced robotics research as new applications are being proposed and explored. This PAIR Lab online event brings together senior robotics researchers, health experts, and politicians in a series of talks and discussions that are freely available to the public. Under the theme Planning the Future of Robotics, this event aims to be the catalyst for new ideas and ways forward. Recognising the multidisciplinary nature of the field, the conference event will include speakers who address a wide range of relevant topics, which will form the basis for informed critical discussion under our vision of helping people around the world work together in order to solve problems around the use of robots in society. The multidisciplinary nature of these discussions are intended to inform the formation of the discipline of robopsychology – as a new scientific field that investigates psychosocial factors in the interactions and applications of robots in society.
What is the PAIR Lab?
The Psychosocial Aspects In Robotics (PAIR) Lab is an international collaborative research consortium that was originally founded by Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research in India and Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. Our goal is to advance scientific understanding and recognition of relevant psychosocial factors in the development of robots and during people’s interactions with robots in wider society. Our vision to establish an international multidisciplinary network to support cutting-edge research and education. .

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